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Animating a Chart - Using Ungrouping

By ungrouping a chart (graph) and animating the elements of the graph, you can make your points more dramatically.

Step 1 - Create a chart using PowerPoint or Excel

I chose to enter data regarding the number of M&M's of each color found in a bag of candy pieces. The numbers I entered gave the following chart:

Step 2 - Ungroup the elements of the graph, then regroup similar parts

Select the graph
From the Draw menu choose Ungroup (this breaks the image into too many pieces)
For each color, click on each face of the block (3 faces except for green and orange)

Step 3 - Animate each bar of color in the graph

Select a color bar
From the Slide Show menu select Custom Animation and assign an effect to each bar

Step 4 - View the slide

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