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Introduction to WebQuest - A set of pages designed to provide an overview of the basic components of a WebQuest

Using a WebQuest in Your Classroom - The version of "How to Write a WebQuest" that is currently being taught by Internet4Classrooms. This lesson includes instructions on how to use a Microsoft Word template to write your WebQuest.

WebQuests written by Internet4Classrooms collaborators

Searching for Just the Right Planet - It is now the year 2025. Z-Tech, a large multi-national company, wants to put a space hotel in orbit around one of the other planets in our solar system. Your class has been given the job of searching for the perfect location for this hotel. You have two weeks before Z-Tech expects a report on which planet would be the best place for an orbiting space hotel. Modified with permission

Will That Volcano Spoil Our Party? - The small Caribbean island of Mont Isle is planning to hold a major celebration in three months. The island is ten miles long and is part of an arc of islands that includes Grenada, Barbados, Dominica, and Antigua. At one end of the island is a tall, beautiful, cone-shaped mountain; a composite volcano which the natives call Poco-poco. The mountain is over 1000 meters tall and is also known as a strato volcano. The capitol city of Iguana Cay is located at the base of the mountain in the middle of the island. No one living on the island remembers any volcanic activity coming from Poco-poco. The mayor, Jose Cruz, is concerned that tourists may not come to the celebration because of other volcanic eruptions on nearby islands. He has asked your class to give him a briefing on volcanoes so he can give an explanation to any worried tourists.

"Me? Live in a Rainforest?" - Rainforests are being destroyed and the National Institute for Scientific Research has decided to find out what can be done about it. You and three of your friends have been selected to spend the next year living in a rainforest in South America. You have three weeks to find out how you need to prepare for this adventure. Remember, what you don't know can hurt you. You will be living in a place where plants eat animals, snakes are big enough to eat people, and ... well ... I wouldn't want to frighten you away. You will find out more about the rainforest as you proceed on the quest.

Butcher, Baker, Candlestick Maker...what will my next career be? - You have graduated from college and have been working on the same job for the last two years. People who enter the workforce in 2005, like you did, will work for more than five different companies and will have more than ten different jobs before retiring. Most people discover their talents and interests during the first ten years of their working lives, and, sadly, many of them find they are in the wrong job. The company that you and your best friend work for has just been sold and it is time for both of you to find new jobs. But, let's do it right this time. If you are going to have more than one career in your lifetime, let's find out how to select a career.

The King of Tides - "OK, here's the deal." The gruff inspector snarled as he spoke to your team of detectives. "For a long time people have been blamin' things on the moon! People claim to be crazy because of it, lovers claim to be under its spell, and even hospitals blame the full moon for loaded emergency rooms." "Yeah!", one of the newer members of your team replied flippantly, "So what's new?" The rest of your team let out a low sigh. Now the whole team was in for it! "I'll tell you what's new, Mr. Smartypants," the inspector glowered at each of you slowly, "Now some nutcase has brought charges against the moon for causing the tides! And, its your job to bring me proof one way or another!" The inspector turned back toward his desk and we thought he was through. He wasn't! He turned back to your team, pointed his finger at you and said, "And you only have two weeks to solve the case. Now get started!"

"We won the grant! Now what do we do?" - Your school has just received a grant to purchase new computers and to train teachers to integrate technology into their teaching - activities that will enable the school to achieve some of the goals you and other administrators have been talking about for the last two years. Everyone is excited about the new technology and the possibilities it has for improving teaching and learning. However, people have questions. Someone has to try to answer all of these questions. For better or worse, this someone is you! Yes, there are strings attached to the grant. In this age of limited resources, people want to know if the money they are spending is producing results, and they want answers soon. Yes, your time is limited. You are still trying to coordinate the purchase of the new equipment and make sure that it is running properly. You are also trying to make sure that teachers are getting the training they need so that the technology will be used appropriately. Wait! How will you know what's next and how to satisfy all of those people asking questions?

Now that you have them, what do you do? (Internet4Classrooms version) or (MarcoPolo version) - There they are! <sniff> They even smell new! Four new computers have arrived in your classroom! The district technology experts connect you to the Internet and install software. Now they expect you to use those computers! Ack! What do you do?

  • A friend of yours has told you horror stories about students on the Internet...
  • Your principal expects you to integrate the technology with your curriculum...
  • You just want to teach...

In desperation you visit the teacher next door. You see the computer has been set up as a center. The program the children use is drill and practice. You also observe the computer is an interference as the teacher instructs the remainder of the students. Walking from that classroom you are even more confused. How do you manage to deal with everything that is expected of you?

Taming Word Problems - Young Newt Dumblesnitch, a Gryffindor house mate of Harry Potter is in danger. He has stumbled into a pit of words. Not just any words, mind you, these are the dreaded problema words, known by their Muggle name as Word Problems. Newt is struggling to remember the spell that will tame these problema words, turning them into regular numbers and operators. With a flick of his wand, sparks fly as Newt chants, “Numeris Arrangum!” Newt looks around him, the dreaded problema words have been transformed! ‘Why, this is easy!’ thinks Newt, ‘As easy as adding two plus …’ Realizing that you are watching Newt stops and hands you the wand. It’s your turn to tame the problema words.

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