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Entering and editing text in a Microsoft Word document


Using MS Word

Entering and Editing Text

For this lesson you will create a one page document which includes the use of a bulleted list. Suggested possibilities include:
  • A note to parents listing things to bring for a field trip
  • A lesson/unit plan which lists technology integration
Note: Purple text is to be copied to Paste into the document you create Step 1. Open Microsoft Word. Remember to leave your browser window open until this lesson is finished.

Step 2. Open a new blank document using keyboard commands

  • IBM - Use Ctrl+N (Hold down the Ctrl key and tap the N key one time)
  • Macintosh - Use Command+N (Hold down the Command key and tap the N key one time)

Step 3. Enter the following line at the top of the page:

Internet Based Lesson Plan
  • Do not use all caps anywhere on the page. The eye has difficulty scanning text in an all caps format, even including headlines.

Step 4. Highlight the line of text and perform the following actions using toolbar buttons, menu items or keyboard combinations:

  • Format the text to Bold
  • Increase the side to 18 pt.
  • Center the text
  • Press Return/Enter two times
  • Click Bold button to remove Bold
  • Return text size to default
  • Note: all of these actions can be performed using the Formatting toolbar.

Step 5. Copy the following paragraph and paste it into your document two lines below the headline using toolbar buttons, menu items or keyboard combinations:

Students will work in teams of four to gather information for a report on a chosen 

topic. Each team will have two weeks to gather the information and one week to prepare
a multimedia report, which will be given to the class. The report may be produced as a
HyperStudio stack, a PowerPoint slide show, or a web page. Five
Internet sites will be listed as resources where information can be gathered. If a
group can not find enough information, searches will be allowed on only the search
engine Yahooligans. If any group is going to do a search, the search must be cleared
with the teacher first. Below is a list of the classroom stations which will be
setup for this unit:
* Click and drag to highlight the paragraph you see above. With the text selected use the toolbar button, menu item or keyboard combination to copy text. Go to the new Word document and paste what you copied using the toolbar button (it looks like a clipboard), menu item (it is in the Edit menu) or keyboard combination (IBM=Ctrl+V, Mac=Command+V).

Step 6. Enter a list of stations in the form of a bulleted list. That can be done in two ways.

  1. Select the bulleted list button, copy the list, paste it into the document. (be sure your cursor is at the bullet)
  2. Copy and paste the entire list, highlight the list, select the bulleted list button
  1. Select the items one at a time
  2. Copy and paste into the Word document
  3. Select the bulleted list button

List of stations

Internet connected student workstation

Encyclopedia CD in a student workstation
Books and/or magazines related to the subject
Printed copies of web pages related to the project topic
Videotape or Laser Disk on the subject.
After all bulleted points have been entered hit the Return/Enter key one time. Another bullet will be displayed at the cursor.

Step 7. Remove the last bullet produced. The most simple way to do that is to deselect the bullet button in the formatting toolbar.

Step 8. Highlight the five bulleted points. Go to the Format menu, select Bullets and Numbering and change the style of the bullet.

Step 9. Add one final paragraph. describing what the report should look like. You may generate your own text or copy the paragraph below:

Instructions to students - Your group is to present a report to the class regarding 

your selected topic. Each person should participate. Remember, you are to include
pictures which you copied from the Internet. You should also remember to give credit
for each source you quote. Your report can be in the form of a HyperStudio stack, a
PowerPoint slide show, or a web page.


Leave your browser window open. Open Microsoft Word, if it is not already open.
1. Open a new Word document type a note to parents about a field trip which your class will be taking.
2. Include a permission section at the bottom of the page. This should include name and address information and be separated from the rest of the document with a dashed line.
3. Use the Insert menu to place the date at the top of your note to the parents.
4. Put the title "Field Trip Permission Form" at the top of this document.
5. Highlight the title, use the Formatting toolbar and put a highlight color behind the title.
6. Save the document.
Next, let's put an image into a document!
Click here to download a copy of the Internet Lesson Plan document
Save this document to your desktop, then open it in Microsoft Word

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