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Writing Prompts


Practice writing to a prompt within a specified time. 0601.3.2

Links verified on 5/30/2014

  1. Alike or Different You Be the Judge - expository writing lesson from the Beacon Lesson Plan Library A lesson plan can be found at this site
  2. All Across America - lesson plan about preparing a travel guide for a cross-country journey [expository writing lesson] A lesson plan can be found at this site
  3. All Writing Prompts.com - Writing prompts you can sink your teeth into.
  4. Creative Writing Prompts - Use the creative writing prompts and creative writing ideas to create stories, poems and other creative pieces from your imagination. Put your cursor on any of the 346 numbered prompts to see one.
  5. Expository prompts - prompts that have personal connections between the writer and their ideas [This expired page is from the Internet Archive known as the Wayback Machine.]
  6. Expository Essay Collection - Prompts and examples.
  7. Expository Essay Prompts - "If you could make changes in your school lunchroom what would they be?" there are 243 more prompts at the site
  8. Expository Prompts - Ms. Deborah Wimberly has nineteen prompts for her students posted at Teacher Web
  9. Expository Writing Activities and Prompts - the Writing Site has prompts from K-2 to 6-12
  10. Imagination Prompt Generator - Click to get a new prompt.
  11. Journal Writing Ideas - hundreds of ideas from teachers.net
  12. Multiple Meaning Words - long list of words to use as writing prompts, students write two sentences for each word using the word as a noun and then as a verb
  13. Nursery Rhyme Expansion - Nursery Rhymes can be wonderful springboards for all kinds of Language Arts activities. Here is an activity designed to give middle school students practice with the aspects of purpose, voice, and audience in their writing.
  14. Original WritingFix Prompt Generator - Click the button to be given a random prompt from their collection. [this link is from the Internet Archive known as the Wayback Machine.]
  15. Proverbs: Wisdom Tales Without the Plot - Have students choose a familiar proverb and develop a story that can surround and carry that thought. Multicultural proverbs offer interesting insights into the universality of wisdom.
  16. Story Starters - Here's a quick writing activity to try every day. First generate a creative story starter. Pick a format: notebook, letter, newspaper, or postcard. Four levels are available: pick 4th-6th
  17. Writing Exercises - six pages of writing prompts (20 to a page) some include pictures
  18. Writing Prompts - a collection of resources at Internet4Classrooms Internet4Classrooms step-by-step module
  19. Writing Prompts: Journal Topics - 273 prompts in ten different categories from Can Teach

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