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3rd Grade - Physical Science Topics

3rd Grade Science Standards - Physical Science

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Checks for Understanding (Formative/Summative Assessment)

0307.9.1 Compare Substances - Use physical properties to compare and contrast substances
0307.9.2 Compare Events - Compare and contrast events that demonstrate evaporation, crystallization, and melting
0307.9.3 Change Physical Properties - Make predictions and conduct experiments about conditions needed to change the physical properties of particular substances
0307.9.4 Combinations - Classify combinations of materials according to whether they have retained or lost their individual properties
0307.9.5 Separate Mixtures - Investigate different ways to separate mixtures such as filtration, evaporation, settling, or using a sieve
0307.10.1 Sun's Energy - Associate the sun's energy with the melting of an ice cube placed in a window
0307.10.2 Heat Conduction - Investigate various materials to explore heat conduction
0307.11.1 Balanced System - Plan an investigation to illustrate how changing the mass affects a balanced system
0307.11.2 Sound - Use a variety of materials to produce sounds of different pitch and volume
0307.11.3 Pitch and Volume - Classify a variety of taped sounds according to their pitch and volume
0307.12.1 Magnets - Experiment with magnets to determine how distance affects magnetic attraction
0307.12.2 Magnetic Attraction - Determine that only certain types of objects are attracted to magnets

State Performance Indicators

SPI 0307.9.1 Physical Properties - Describe a substance in terms of its physical properties
SPI 0307.9.2 Mixture Separation - Identify methods for separating different types of mixtures
SPI 0307.10.1 Heat Energy - Use an illustration to identify various sources of heat energy
SPI 0307.10.2 Conduction - Classify materials according to their ability to conduct heat
SPI 0307.11.1 Force and Direction - Identify how the direction of a moving object is changed by an applied force
SPI 0307.11.2 Changing Mass - Demonstrate how changing the mass affects a balanced system
SPI 0307.11.3 Volume and Pitch - Distinguish between pitch and volume
SPI 0307.11.4 Sound Production -Identify how sounds with different pitch and volume are produced
SPI 0307.12.1 Magnetic Force - Recognize that magnets can move objects without touching them
SPI 0307.12.2 Objects Attracted - Identify objects that are attracted to magnets



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