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2nd Grade - Physical Science Topics

2nd Grade Science Standards - Physical Science

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Checks for Understanding (Formative/Summative Assessment)

0207.9.1 Use Tools - Use tools such as hand lenses, measurement devices, and simple arm balances to gather data about the physical properties of different objects
0207.9.2 Ice Melting - Describe what happens when ice changes from a solid to a liquid
0207.9.3 Water Boils - Describe what happens when water is heated to the point of evaporation
0207.9.4 Balloon Pop - Explain what happens when a balloon is blown up and pops
0207.10.1 Effect of Sun - Identify and explain how the sun affects objects on the surface of the earth
0207.10.2 Solar Energy - Investigate how the sun affects various objects and materials
0207.11.1 Sound - Use a variety of objects that vibrate to demonstrate how sounds are produced
0207.11.2 Sounds - Describe the sounds produced by different types of vibrating objects
0207.12.1 Magnet - Explain how two magnets interact
0207.12.2 Gravity - Describe what happens when an object is dropped and record the observations in a science notebook



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