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2nd Grade - Life Science Topics

2nd Grade Science Standards - Life Science

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Checks for Understanding (Formative/Summative Assessment)

0207.1.1 Living Things - Design a new living thing and explain how it would acquire food, water, and air
0207.2.1 Local Environment - Draw or use pictures of a local environment to label the plants and animals
0207.2.2 Dependency - Investigate ways that plants and animals depend on each other
0207.2.3 Life Requirements - Construct a flow chart that demonstrates how plants, animals, and the environment interact to provide basic life requirements
0207.3.1 Describe Habitat - Describe the habitat of a particular organism based on its food, water, and air requirements
0207.3.2 Model a Habitat - Design a model of a habitat for an organism in which all of its needs would be met
0207.4.1 Life Cycle - Compare and contrast the life cycles of different organisms such as a chicken, butterfly, meal worm, frog, or human
0207.4.2 Sequence Stages - Sequence a collection of pictures or illustrations into the correct stages of an organism's life cycle
0207.4.3 Similarities - Look for similarities in pictures of members from the same human family
0207.4.4 Traits - Create a graphic organizer that compares observable traits that offspring share with their parents
0207.5.1 Organisms - Compare and contrast the characteristics of organisms from two different environments
0207.5.2 Survival - Infer the characteristics needed by an organism to survive in a particular environment
0207.5.3 Fossils - Observe fossils or pictures of fossils and make inferences about the organisms from which they originated
0207.5.4 Past Life - Compare pictures of fossils with animals or plants that are living today



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