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Kindergarten Life Science Topics

Kindergarten Science Standards - Life Science

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Checks for Understanding (Formative/Summative Assessment)

0007.1.1 Whole Made of Parts - Use puzzles to determine that there are many parts that make up a whole
0007.1.2 Build Whole with Parts - Use building blocks to create a whole from the parts
0007.1.3 Take Object Apart - Take apart an object and describe how the parts work together
0007.2.1 Living or Non-Living - Categorize objects or images of objects as living or non-living according to their characteristics
0007.2.2 Use Senses - Use the senses to investigate and describe an object
0007.3.1 Observe Plants and Animals - Observe plants and animals and make records of their similarities and differences
0007.3.2 Provide Care - Record information about the care, feeding, and maintenance of a living thing
0007.4.1 Change in Plant - Observe a plant to identify how it changes as it grows from a seed to the adult plant and record data using non-standard measurement devices
0007.4.2 Young to Adults - Match pictures of seedlings to adult plants and a juvenile to the adult animal
0007.5.1 Alike and Different - Use a variety of representations to describe similarities and differences among plants and animals
0007.5.2 Ecosystem Mural - Create a mural of an ecosystem and compare the characteristics of animals and plants within that environment
0007.5.3 Survival - Match pictures of animal and plant characteristics needed for survival to appropriate environments



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