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4th Grade - Determine Main Idea


Determine the main idea and supporting details from text. 0401.6.6

Links verified on 10/28/2011

  1. Determining the Main Idea - a lab activity to identify the main idea in a paragraph by considering the supporting details
  2. Get The Idea - read text to determine the main idea or essential message and identify relevant supporting details and facts
  3. Identifying Topics and Main Ideas - lab activity checking understanding of general and specific elements as they relate to topic and main idea
  4. Implied Central Ideas - lab activity to identify the implied central idea of a longer passage
  5. Main Idea Activities - a collection of resources at Internet4Classrooms Internet4Classrooms step-by-step module
  6. Main Idea Graphic Chart - worksheet - Fill in the supporting sentences that best fits the main idea.
  7. Main Idea Mini Lesson - followed by interactive quizzes This site includes questions for your students to check their understanding
  8. Main Idea practice - eight interactive quizzes on Main Idea from the Manatee School District [click on the red dot]
  9. Main Idea - read the paragraph and select the main idea
  10. Main Idea - Quia Quiz This site includes questions for your students to check their understanding
  11. Main Idea Interactive Strategy Tutorial - Interactive tutorials on supporting details and main idea.
  12. Main Idea Practice - online stories and quiz for main idea practice - intermediate elementary
  13. Main Idea Quiz - Find main idea Quia quiz
  14. Practice Reading Test: 4th Grade - Questions are designed to have students process the information in the passage, analyze it, and organize it for the answer.
  15. What's the Big Idea? - Pick the main idea from various subject areas and solve the puzzle!

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