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Governance & Civics - Sixth 6th Grade Social Studies

6th Grade Social Studies Standards - Governance and Civics


6.4.1 Types of Government - Recognize types of government (i.e., formal/informal, monarchy, direct/indirect democracy, republics, and theocracy).
6.4.2 Governmental Organizations - Recognize the steps that give rise to complex governmental organizations (i.e., nomadic, farming, village, city, city-states, and states).
6.4.3 Development of Written Laws - Identify the development of written laws (i.e., Hammurabi's Code, Justinian Code, and Magna Carta).
6.4.4 Individuals in Societies - Recognize the roles assigned to individuals in various societies (i.e., caste systems, feudal systems, city-state systems, and class systems).
6.4.5 Individual Citizen Life - Compare and contrast the lives of individual citizens in various governmental organizations (i.e., monarchial systems, feudal systems, caste systems, and democratic systems-Greek).



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