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Lives of Individuals


Compare and contrast the lives of individual citizens in various governmental organizations (i.e., monarchial systems, feudal systems, caste systems, and democratic systems-Greek). 6.4.5

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  1. Advantages and Disadvantages of Feudalism - It drew a clear line separating different social classes and created codependency between the rich and the poor.
  2. Advantages of Monarchy - Monarchy serves the interest of patriotism far better than a Republican system.
  3. Daily Life in Ancient China - links collected for his class by Mr. Donn
  4. Daily Life in Ancient Civilizations - index of links for a variety of civilizations
  5. Democracies, Dictatorships and Monarchies, Oh My! - A comparative analysis of different forms of government.
  6. The Feudal System – Peasants and how the feudal system ended. - How did they live their life?
  7. Types of Political Systems - Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of political systems.
  8. What are some advantages and disadvantages of the caste system? - The caste system is the classification of social statuses.
  9. Disadvantage or Demerits of Caste System - Caste system denied equal opportunity for advancement to persons belonging to different castes.
  10. Advantage or Merits of Caste System - Caste system helped in preservation of culture and these were passed on from generation to generation.

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