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3rd Grade Geometry & Measurement

3rd Grade Geometry and Measurement

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To work on third grade geometry and measurement standards, click on the numbers below to visit pages with internet resources for each of the learning standards on the right.

Checks for Understanding are at the top of this page. Scroll down to find internet resources related to the State Performance Indicators (SPIs).

At the very bottom of this page is a link to Geometry and Measurement resources for grades 3-5 from the National Library of Virtual Manipulatives.

Checks for Understanding (Formative/Summative Assessment)


Plane Figures - Describe properties of plane figures (such as circles, triangles, squares and rectangles) and solid shapes (such as spheres, cubes and cylinders).


Polygon Sides - Classify polygons according to the number of their sides and angles.


Line Segments - Classify lines and segments as parallel, perpendicular, or intersecting.


Line Symmetry - Identify, create, and describe figures with line symmetry


Measurement Units - Understand that all measurements require units.


Fractions - Recognize the use of fractions in liquid measures.


Relationships - Recognize the relationships among cups, pints, quarts, and gallons.

0306.4.8 Capacity - Estimate and/or measure the capacity of a container.
0306.4.9 Weight - Measure weight to the nearest ounce or gram.
0306.4.10 Estimates - Use reasonable units of length (i.e. kilometer, meter, centimeter; mile, yard, foot, inch) in estimates and measures.
0306.4.11 Equivalences - Know common equivalences for length (1 meter = 100 centimeters, 1 yard = 3 feet, 1 foot = 12 inches).
0306.4.12 Mixed Units - Make and record measurements that use mixed units within the same system of measurement (such as feet and inches, meters and centimeters).


Abbreviations - Use common abbreviations: km, m, cm, in, ft, yd, mi.

State Performance Indicators

SPI 0306.4.1

Polygons - Recognize polygons and be able to identify examples based on geometric definitions.

SPI 0306.4.2

Congruent - Determine if two figures are congruent based on size and shape.

SPI 0306.4.3

Symmetry - Identify the line of symmetry in a two-dimensional design or shape.

SPI 0306.4.4 Perimeter - Calculate the perimeter of shapes made from polygons.
SPI 0306.4.5 Estimate Measure - Choose reasonable units of measure, estimate common measurements using benchmarks, and use appropriate tools to make measurements.
SPI 0306.4.6 Measure Length - Measure length to the nearest centimeter or half inch.

SPI 0306.4.7

Length Problems - Solve problems requiring the addition and subtraction of lengths.

National Library of Virtual Manipulatives

National Library of Virtual Manipulatives |-| Grades 3 through 5

Geometry - for Grades 3 through 5.
Measurement - for Grades 3 through 5



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