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Geography Topics - Third 3rd Grade Social Studies

3rd Grade Social Studies Standards - Geography


3.3.1 Components - Identify the major physical components of the world (i.e., oceans, equator, continents, and hemispheres).
3.3.2 Map Key - Recognize and use a map key.
3.3.3 Find Location - Find a specific location on a school or community map.
3.3.4 Absolute and Relative - Use absolute and relative locations to identify places on a map (i.e., north, south, east, west, borders, lines of longitude and latitude, the equator, and the north and south poles.).
3.3.5 Basic Components - Identify basic components of earth's systems (i.e., landforms, water, climate, and weather).
3.3.6 Cardinal Directions - Utilize skills to locate a place using cardinal directions and symbols given an appropriate map with a key.
3.3.7 Climate - Determine the climate of a specific region of the world using a map.
3.3.8 Ecosystem - Differentiate the distinguishing characteristics of ecosystems (i.e., deserts, grasslands, and rainforests).
3.3.9 Geographic Features - Recognize the identifying characteristics of certain geographic features (i.e., peninsula, islands, continents, mountains, rivers, deserts, oceans, and forests).



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