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Bias or Experimental Error


Identify a faulty interpretation of data that is due to bias or experimental error SPI 0607.Inq.5

Links verified 8/4/2014

  1. Biased Sample - also known as: Biased Statistics, Loaded Sample, Prejudiced Statistics, Prejudiced Sample, Loaded Statistics, Biased Induction, Biased Generalization (3 good examples at the bottom of the page)
  2. Data Analysis and Interpretation - Did you know that scientists don't always agree on what data mean? Different scientists can look at the same set of data and come up with different explanations for it, and disagreement among scientists doesn't point to bad science.
  3. A PowerPoint show related to this standardHow Science works: Errors - Explains random and zero errors, parallax, and anomalous results.
  4. A PowerPoint show related to this standardHow Science works: Reliable evidence and Valid evidence - Explains the meaning of 'data' and 'evidence', 'reliability' and 'validity', 'secondary' evidence, with examples for you to discuss.

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