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Economics Topics - Eighth 8th Grade Social Studies

8th Grade Social Studies Standards - Economics

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8.2.1 Natural Resources - Recognize America's natural resources (i.e., land, timber, fish, animal pelts, peppers, sweet potatoes, squash, pumpkins, turkeys, peanuts, potatoes, tomatoes, tobacco, cacao, beans, and vanilla).
8.2.2 Manufacturing - Interpret a diagram showing the steps of changing a resource into a product.
8.2.3 Credit and Debt - Differentiate between credit and debt.
8.2.4 Early Economy - Recognize the economic activities of Early America (i.e., agriculture, industry, and service).
8.2.5 Taxation - Identify various forms of taxation (i.e., tariffs, sales tax, and excise tax).
8.2.6 Graphs and Charts - Interpret a variety of economic graphs and charts with topics (e.g., the Columbian exchange, numbers of slaves, population of colonies, and population diversity).
8.2.7 Commercial and Subsistence - Differentiate between a commercial and subsistence economy.
8.2.8 Urbanization and Industrialization - Recognize the factors that led to urbanization and industrialization in Early America (i.e., religious freedom, land ownership, and thriving market).
8.2.9 Slavery - Analyze in economic terms (i.e., climate, triangle trade, infrastructure, and topography) why slavery flourished in the South as opposed to the North.
8.2.10 Economic Markets - Distinguish among various economic markets found in Early America (i.e., traditional, monopoly, oligopoly, and free competition).



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