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2nd Grade - Earth Science Topics

2nd Grade Science Standards - Earth Science

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Checks for Understanding (Formative/Summative Assessment)

0207.6.1 Sun's Position - Observe and collect data on the sun's position at different times of the day
0207.6.2 Moon Phases - Use science journals to draw and record changes in the moon over a period of time
0207.7.1 Soil Types - Sort, analyze, and compare a variety of soil types
0207.7.2 Rocks - Observe rocks of different sizes with a hand lens and describe these materials according to their basic features
0207.7.3 Renewable or Nonrenewable - Identify and categorize items in the classroom made from renewable or nonrenewable resources
0207.7.4 Reusing Resources - Identify simple methods for reusing the earth's resources
0207.8.1 Climate - Use records and graphs of seasonal temperature changes to draw conclusions about the weather during different times of the year



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