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Culture Topics - Kindergarten Social Studies

Kindergarten Social Studies Standards - Culture

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K.1.1a Personal Traits - Identify personal attributes, such as physical characteristics, that are common to all people.
K.1.1b Differences - Identify differences among people.
K.1.1c Learning - Recognize how individuals learn to do skills and customs from their culture.
K.1.1d Family Units - Recognize all cultures have family units where decisions are made.
K.1.2a Cultural Differences - Understand that some differences among people are a result of their culture.
K.1.2b Different Cultures - Identify similarities and differences in food, clothes, homes, games, and families in different cultures.
K.1.2c Transportation - Explain how means of transportation may be diversified in different cultures in response to the environment.
K.1.2d Family Customs - Compare family customs and traditions among cultures.
K.1.2e Local Community - Describe customs of the local community.
K.1.3a World Customs - Recognize contributions of different cultures around the world.
K.1.3b Family Traditions - Explain the value of family traditions and customs.



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