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6th Grade Algebra

6th Grade Math Standards - Algebra

Checks for Understanding (Formative/Summative Assessment)


2 Step Linear - Write and solve two-step linear equations corresponding to given situations (non-negative numbers only).


1 Step Inequality - Write and solve one-step inequalities corresponding to given situations (non-negative numbers only).


Juxtaposition - Recognize the use of juxtaposition (such as 3x, ab) to stand for multiplication, and the convention in these cases of writing numbers before letters.


Measurement - Generate data and graph relationships concerning measurement of length, area, volume, weight, time, temperature, money, and information.
0606.3.5 Properties - Use the commutative, associative and distributive properties to show that two expressions are equivalent.
0606.3.6 Table/Graph - Use equations to describe simple relationships shown in a table or graph.
0606.3.7 Representation - Move fluently between different representations (such as verbal, tabular, numerical, algebraic, and graphical) of equations and expressions.
0606.3.8 Patterns - Represent patterns using words, graphs, and simple symbolic notation.
0606.3.9 Contextual - Write a contextual story modeled by a given graph.
0606.3.10 Ordered Pair - Understand that in an ordered pair (x, y), the x represents horizontal location and y represents vertical location.
0606.3.11 Quadrant - Identify the quadrant of the coordinate system in which a point lies.

State Performance Indicators

SPI 0606.3.1

Number Line - Represent on a number line the solution of a linear inequality.

SPI 0606.3.2

Order of Op - Use order of operations and parentheses to simplify expressions and solve problems.

SPI 0606.3.3

Equations - Write equations that correspond to given situations or represent a given mathematical
SPI 0606.3.4 Rewrite - Rewrite expressions to represent quantities in different ways.
SPI 0606.3.5 Expressions - Translate between verbal expressions/sentences and algebraic expressions/equations.
SPI 0606.3.6 Linear - Solve two-step linear equations using number sense, properties, and inverse operations.
SPI 0606.3.7 Patterns - Use algebraic expressions and properties to analyze numeric and geometric patterns.
SPI 0606.3.8 Contextual - Select the qualitative graph that models a contextual situation (e.g., water filling then draining from a bathtub).
SPI 0606.3.9 Graph - Graph ordered pairs of integers in all four quadrants of the Cartesian coordinate system.

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