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7th Grade - Algebra

7th Grade Math Standards - Algebra

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Checks for Understanding (Formative/Summative Assessment)


Expressions - Perform basic operations on linear expressions (including grouping, order of operations,exponents, simplifying and expanding).

0706.3.2 Symbols - Represent and analyze mathematical situations using algebraic symbols.
0706.3.3 Function - Identify a function from a written description, table, graph, rule, set of ordered pairs, and/or mapping.
0706.3.4 Tables - Make tables of inputs x and outputs f(x) for a variety of rules that include rational numbers (including negative numbers) as inputs.
0706.3.5 Linear Function - Plot points to represent tables of linear function values.
0706.3.6 Graph Function - Understand that the graph of a linear function f is the set of points on a line representing the ordered pairs (x, f(x)).
0706.3.7 Proportionality - Distinguish proportional relationships (y/x = k, or y = kx) from other relationships, including inverse proportionality (xy = k, or y = k/x).
0706.3.8 Slope as Ratio - Understand slope as the ratio of vertical change to horizontal change.
0706.3.9 Rate of Change - Identify a function exhibiting a constant rate of change as a linear function and identify the slope as a unit rate.
0706.3.10 Unit Rates - Solve problems involving unit rates (e.g., miles per hour, words per minute).
0706.3.11 Graph Equation - Relate the features of a linear equation to a table and/or graph of the equation.
0706.3.12 Linear Equation - Use linear equations to solve problems and interpret the meaning of slope, m, and the y-intercept, b, in f(x)= mx + b in terms of the context.
0706.3.13 Lin/Function - Given a graph that exhibits the intersection of a line and the y-axis, write a linear function in slope-intercept form: y = mx + b.
0706.3.14 Inequalities - Understand that when solving linear inequalities, multiplication or division by a negative reverses the inequality symbol.

State Performance Indicators

SPI 0706.3.1 Expression - Evaluate algebraic expressions involving rational values for coefficients and/or variables.
SPI 0706.3.2 Relation - Determine whether a relation (represented in various ways) is a function.
SPI 0706.3.3 Rule - Given a table of inputs x and outputs f(x), identify the function rule and continue the pattern.
SPI 0706.3.4 Slope - Interpret the slope of a line as a unit rate given the graph of a proportional relationship.
SPI 0706.3.5 Equations - Represent proportional relationships with equations, tables and graphs.
SPI 0706.3.6 Lin/Equation - Solve linear equations with rational coefficients symbolically or graphically.
SPI 0706.3.7 Real-World - Translate between verbal and symbolic representations of real-world phenomena involving linear equations.
SPI 0706.3.8 Lin/Equations - Solve contextual problems involving two-step linear equations.
SPI 0706.3.9 Lin/Inequality - Solve linear inequalities in one variable with rational coefficients symbolically or graphically.

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