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1st Grade - Math Processes

First Grade Algebra

Links verified 1/2/2015

To work on first grade mathematics standards, click on the numbers below to visit pages with internet resources for each of the learning standards listed.


Repeating Patterns - Find repeating patterns on the number line, addition table, and hundreds chart.


Next Term - Determine a reasonable next term in a given sequence and describe the rule.


Commutative Property - Use objects to illustrate the commutative property with basic facts and show that subtraction is not commutative.


Basic Equation - Demonstrate understanding of the basic equation a + b = c by using objects to illustrate the number sentences (fact families) associated with any particular sum.


Find Unknowns - Use various strategies to find unknowns in problems involving addition and subtraction.

Addition Subtraction - Use objects to demonstrate the inverse relationship between addition and subtraction.

0106.3.7 Inverse Relation - Use the inverse relation between addition and subtraction to check arithmetic problems.
0106.3.8 Odd Even - Determine whether a number is odd or even by pairing objects.
0106.3.9 Identity Element - Recognize that zero is the identity element for addition.



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