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Eighth Grade CCSS Teacher Resources

Eighth Grade Teacher Resources for Common Core

  1. Anchor Chart - Convince me - Scaffolding to help writers with persuasive essays.
  2. Anchor Chart - Persuasive Essay Organization
  3. Anchor Chart - Primary Source Analysis tool.
  4. Anchor Chart - Common Core Writing Transitional Words Anchor Charts
  5. Anchor Chart - Nonfiction Convention Scavenger Hunt
  6. Anchor Chart - Transitional Words
  7. Annolighting a Text - "Annolighting" a text combines effective highlighting with marginal annotations that help to explain the highlighted words and phrases.
  8. Close Reading - Videos and lesson plans
  9. Close Reading - Article that breaks down the close reading method.
  10. Close Reading - English Language Arts /Literacy Units empower students with a critical reading and writing skill at the heart of the Common Core.
  11. Close Reading -Close Read Complex Text, and Annotate
  12. Convince Me! - worksheet
  13. Free ELA CCSS activities and resources - Each concept has its own page of resources for that specific topic.
  14. Keyboarding Standards - PDF file that states what skills are suitable for 8th grade students.
  15. Latice Multiplication - A fun and easy way to multiply bigger numbers.
  16. Free Interactive Vocabulary Building games - Use these resources to build up vocabulary skills. All are interactive fun games to play.
  17. I CAN Statements - Common Core - ELA - PDF file
  18. I CAN Statements - Common Core - ELA
  19. I CAN Statements - Common Core - Math
  20. I CAN Statements - Common Core - Math
  21. Into the Book - Excellent site to review the basic reading strategies; a game for each concept students can do by themselves. Fun, interactive learning tool.
  22. Middle School Test Review Game Ideas - interactive activity allows students to practice answering questions similar to those they will encounter on the test
  23. Non-fiction Scavenger Hunt Worksheet - Print out this Google docs worksheet to make an exciting scavenger hunt for your students.
  24. Printable Math Worksheets - CCSS math worksheets labled with specific standards so finding just the correct one will be easy for teachers.
  25. Reading Closely for Textual Details - English Language Arts /Literacy Units to empower students with a critical reading and writing skill that is at the heart of the Common Core.
  26. Math Tasks - Use these math tasks to practice complex word problems.
  27. Vocabulary Twister - A fun way to practice vocabulary.



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