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2nd Grade Language Arts Skill Builders


Vowel Sounds - CCSS RF.2.3.a

Links verified on 10/20/13

  1. Short A
  2. Short E
  3. Short I
  4. Short O
  5. Short U
  6. Chicken Stacker - Click on a vowel to begin a game. Find the words that match the vowel sounds.
  7. Coconut Vowels - "Coconuts with words in them fall to the beach. The student must match missing letters to the correct word coconut." Use the missing letters to create words.
  8. Long and Short Vowel Match - Match words by the vowel sounds that are the same. [Beware of lots of ads around the box that contains the game]
  9. Match of Mystery - 5 levels, short, long, digraphs, dipthongs and cvc pattern
  10. Short Vowel Practice - Select correct spelling of word.
  11. Vowel Digraphs - Select correct digraph to match picture.
  12. When Two Vowels go Walking - Video clip and song.

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