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2nd Grade Language Arts Skill Builders


Phonics Knowledge - CCSS RF.2.3, L.2.2

Links verified on 12/28/15

  1. Blending Dragon - Direct your dragon with the mouse and catch the globes with real words. Choose the phoneme that you wish to work with.
  2. Double OO - Learn the Double O song.
  3. Look, Cover, Write and Check - Phonetic family of words to practice; you can change the level from easy to hard.
  4. Magic Phonics Wizard - Click all the wizards holding words that sound like the word provided.
  5. Match of Mystery - 5 levels, short, long, digraphs, dipthongs and vce pattern.
  6. Phonic Endings - Three levels of games practicing -an, -ar, -ap, -ag, -en, -at -all, -ate, -ail, and -ub. Printable worksheet activities also available.
  7. Phonics and Spelling Quiz - Select the answer to the question. Self checking.
  8. Same Letter, Different Sound - From ToonUniversity. Find the word that best answers the question.
  9. Scramble Game - Generate your own game and choose the level [phonic] that you would like to play.
  10. SpellBound - Look at the word spelled correctly. After the letters are mixed up, put them in order again.
  11. Sound it out - Click on the word that the cat says aloud. (Warning - British accent may confuse some students)
  12. Word Families - Create new words from word endings.
  13. Year 2 Phonics - Activities that focus on common spelling patterns for the nine vowel phonemes.

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