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2nd Grade Interactive Math Skill Builders


Counting Coins and Coin Value - CCSS 2.MD.C.8

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  1. Exercises and Games
    1. Adding Dimes and Pennies - Find the value of the coins.
    2. Adding Dimes, Nickels and Pennies - Find the sum of the coins.
    3. Adding Nickels and Pennies - Find the sum of the coins.
    4. Bank It! - Choose level 2 or 3 and complete the coin manipulative by dragging the coins into the bank.
    5. Buy It - Pay the farmer with the exact change, the price is shown on the white price tag.
    6. Change Maker - Figure out how many of each bill or coin you expect to get back when you pay for something. Select Easy for problems involving less than $1.00.
    7. Coins for Candy - Identify, know the value of, and compare the values of a penny, nickel, and dime.
    8. Comparing Money - Compare the amounts to determine which group is worth more.
    9. Count Money - Count the sum of the coins and type in the amount.
    10. Counting Change - A Quia activity set on counting change with flashcards, matching, and concentration.
    11. Discovering Coin Values - Drag coins to the slide to equal the amount given. (values over $1.00 used occasionally)
    12. Enough Money? - Find out if you have enough money to purchase the items.
    13. Farm Stand Math Game - Add up the cost of each fruit to provide the total amount.
    14. Fruit Shoot Coins - Select a category (pennies, nickels, dimes) and count the sum of the coins you have and aim for the fruit that equals that amount.
    15. Fruit Shoot Coins 2 - Same game as above with the addition of quarters.
    16. Grandpa's Game - Interactive web lesson and practice on counting money.
    17. Keep the Change - Figure out how many coins are needed to make up the total dollar amount in each money word problem. Uses half dollars, quarters, dimes, nickels, and pennies. Unlimited amount of problems with no end.
    18. Let's Go Shopping - Interactive web lesson with practice on estimating and rounding to the nearest dollar.
    19. Lunch Lady - The Lunch Lady (you) must total the three items on ten lunch trays (one at a time) in three minutes. [Advanced, amounts up to $5.00 used]
    20. Money - (Grade 2) Eleven money exercises ranging from counting money to calculating money.
    21. Money Bingo - Select a game, choose from the first 5. Count the money and find it on the bingo card.
    22. Money Flashcards - Coins and bills, or just coins, are displayed and students determine the value. Best used as a whole class review; this is not a game with an end. Occasionally values greater than $1.00 are displayed.
    23. Money Master - Choose your money (US Dollar) and puzzle type. Count up the change as quickly as you can to equal the target amount.
    24. Piggy Bank Counting - Count the coins as they fall and try to collect $1 in the piggy bank.
    25. School Store - Interactive web lesson and practice on subtracting to make the correct change. Uses decimals and regrouping.
    26. Scottie Nickel's Change Maker - Become a human CoinStar machine. Calculate the total amount of change the customer has and then think of a way to make $1.75 with as few coins as possible.
    27. Spending Spree - Pick the item that you would like to buy. Then, choose the correct amount of coins you need to pay for that item. This game has 10 questions.
    28. That's Right - An interactive web lesson with practice on estimating measurements using money.
    29. Too Much Noise - An interactive web lesson with practice where students determine the fewest number of coins needed to produce a given amount.

    30. Practice Tests and Quizzes
      1. Counting Coins - From FreeMathTest. Choose the level of difficulty or customize your own values.
      2. Counting Money - Select a level and the number of problems. A timer can also be turned on/off, and there is an option to compare amounts too.
      3. Mr. Anker: Comparing Money Sets - Compare the amounts of money and click on the symbol (>, <, =) that makes the statement true. Try Set 2, Set 3, and Set 4.
      4. Mr. Anker: Dollar and Cents - Determine the value of the money in this self-checking test of ten questions. Try Set 2, Set 3, and Set 4.
      5. Mr. Anker: Rounding Dollars - Round the amount to the nearest dollar.
      6. Sum It Up - Total up the money for eight questions. Uses pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters.
      7. Word Problems: How much money with six coins - Online quiz that is self checking.

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