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Pictures for Projects


Pictures to use in PowerPoint projects

(pictures that would make good index slides at the beginning of a PowerPoint show)

Links verified 9/18/2015

Tip for finding more images: Go to Google, select images, enter a title and you will find many images. You may need to do the search at home, many schools block google images for obvious reasons. <br>
Free Teacher & Student Image Resources + More - [Various subjects] Teacher and student approved -- download free photographs in multiple categories. Great for slide shows, lesson plans, assignments and projects and adding images to your lesson plans

math | social studies | science | language arts | foreign language | health | career-technical | music


Types of polygons

Quadrants of coordinate plane (6 x 6) (6 x 6) (6 x 6) (7 x 7) (10 x 10) (10 x 10)

Social Studies

Mount Rushmore

Three Branches of Government

Compass rose (16 points labeled) (4 points labeled, colors)

Flags of the world (flags at the UN)

Latitude and Longitude


Animal Cell

Cloud types

Greenhouse Effect

Human Ear

Human Systems - digestive system - respiratory system - skeletal system

Life cycles

Insect -
Ant -
Apple -
Butterfly -
Dragonfly -
Carbon cycle -
Carbon Dioxide-Oxygen cycle -
Frog -
Malaria -
Plant -
Star -

Mitosis (labels in spanish)

Ocean Floor Topography

Parts of a plant

Phases of the moon

Plant cell

Six Simple Machines

Water cycle

Web - food web - bottom of page

Language Arts

Characterization - (pictures of masks to create character descriptions)

Modern American Poets (pictures must be copied one at a time)

Nobel Prize in Literature (pictures must be copied one at a time)

Foreign Language

El Ciclo del Auga - Water Cycle (Spanish version)

Mitosis diagram with labels in Spanish


Food Pyramid

Food Label

Career Technical

Parts of a car (numbered) (under the car rear)


Music notation

School band instruments

Sample PowerPoint show using action buttons over one of these pictures

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