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Training Tutorials for Whiteboards

Training Tutorials for Promethean and SMART Boards

SMART Boards

  1. Educator Resources - from Smart Technologies
  2. Anecdotal accounts of how electronic whiteboards have improved teaching and learning
  3. Instructing with Smart Boards - this 24-page document includes lesson ideas with embedded links to Internet sites to be used as lesson resources
  4. Set up directions for SmartBoard - Rockingham County Public Schoolst
  5. SmartBoard Tools - Free Training Video
  6. SmartBoard Training 2.3 - information on beginning use of Board
  7. Smart Training Center - Free training materials

Promethean Boards

  1. Frequently asked questions - Answers to FAQ
  2. 20 Easy Steps in Using ActivInspire -Answers to common questions
  3. InteractiveWhiteBoard Training Guide Level 2 - Detailed training guide
  4. How to use ActivInspire - Toolbar guides, instructions, explanation of uses and more
  5. Promethean Activstudio One Stop Shop - Wiki site that includes lessons, video training tutorials and a lot more.



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