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Guidance Lesson Plans: Self Esteem

Self Esteem

Links checked on 8/19/09

  1. All About Me Cube - [ K-1 ] - Bring the family and the school together in a homework lesson.
  2. Fuzzy-Feeling Chair - Build students' self-esteem by encouraging their peers to recognize and comment on their positive traits/
  3. Group Cooperation - [ K-2 ] Supports social and emotional development, as well as providing positive guidance.
  4. My Memory Box - [ 1-2 ] Allows young children the opportunity to verbally express themselves while using concrete materials of their choice.
  5. Self-Esteem Activity - None of us feel extremely positive all the time and it IS acceptable to say, "I feel sad".
  6. Self-Esteem/Class Pride - Bolster student self-esteem and build class pride.
  7. Skill Growth - [ K-1 ] Everyone develops skills on their own personal time and speed.
  8. Ten Activities to Improve Students' Self-Concepts - Ten simple projects to help preserve individuality and promote self-esteem!
  9. Who Am I? - [ K-6 ] To build self esteem, children need to know who they are and what is important and unique to themselves personally
  10. Who's In The Bag? - Express personal characteristics with items from home.



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