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Middle / High School Classroom Management

Middle / High Classroom Management

Links checked 7-25-2013

  1. High School Class Management - Sample Classroom Policy and Procedure Handout.
  2. How to Manage Your Time - Minimize wasted hours and get some of your personal time back.
  3. Time Management - Effective use of school time begins with efficient classroom organization and management.Here are some ways beginners and veterans alike can substantially increase teaching time.
  4. Classroom Management - Manage student behavior and the learning environment.
  5. Develop a Classroom Management Plan - Ideas for High School Teachers.
  6. Weighted Grading Can Work - Tailor assessment practices to skills which are most critical to student success.
  7. When Molding Minds Gets Messy or Moving Student Thinking from the Predictable to the Profound - Shaping the minds of students by challenging them to look at all perspectives without bias and reach their own conclusions.
  8. Meaningful, Engaged Learning - A vision of engaged learning and what it looks like in the classroom and community.
  9. Navigating The Bumpy Road To Student-centered Instruction - Great article on student resistance to change in classroom organization.



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