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Kindergarten: Phonics Practice

Phonics Practice

Links verified 2/12/2014

For more Language Arts practice, visit our main Kindergarten Skillbuilders section.

  1. Beginning Sound - Listen to the word and type in the letter of the beginning sound. Click the levers to control the pictures.
  2. Blending Bowl - Football players blend beginning sounds and ending sounds together to produce the word. See if your student can figure out the word before the two collide!
  3. Chicken Coop - Play in the "Chicken Coop" and practice phoneme matching.
  4. CVC Words - Student selects the word that matches the picture.
  5. Dolch Sight Words - Practice your sight words and other reading games.
  6. Dositey - Dositey.com is an educational web site serving the students, teachers, and parents of the K-12 community. There are three levels of phonics interactive activities.
  7. Fishing for Phonics - Select a level; find the missing beginning or ending sound and drag the card into the missing space.
  8. Fuzzy Lion Ears - You'll find partially-written words with accompanying pictures. As Leona presents each one, she'll say the word. Choose from three different letters to make the word.
  9. Free Phonics Worksheets - Phonics worksheets to assist in learning phonics rules for reading from Rock 'N Learn.
  10. Free Worksheets - Vowels, sounding out words, numbers and more. [This expired link is available through the Wayback Machine Internet Archive. If the page doesn't load quickly click on Impatient? at the bottom right of the page.]
  11. Gus and Inky's Underwater Adventure Chapter 1 - Story about Gus and Inkey; Help Gus with beginning sounds.
  12. Headsprout Sample Lessons - Try these phonics lessons from Headsprout.
  13. Make a Word - Find the vowel that fits in the CVC word to make a new word.
  14. Mix Up Match Up - move vowels and consonants to the proper side
  15. Odd Man Consonants Game - select the man with a consonant on his shirt
  16. Orson's Waller Blending - Phoneme Blending - Match word that Orson says to the object.
  17. Phoneme Posters - Download classroom posters of phonemic symbols with examples.
  18. Phoneme Match - Listen to the phoneme and find the letter that goes with it.
  19. Phonemic Awareness Activities - Word family picture cards to print for center activities - ack, op, ing, ide, ay
  20. Phonemic Awareness Picture Cards - Print these cards and use them to help students recognize sounds.
  21. Phonemic Segments - HayLoft - Click on the object that matches the sounds made.
  22. Phonemic Segments - Deletion and Substitution - Lanolin's Greenhouse - Click on the object that matches the new word with beginning letter replacement.
  23. Phonemic Segments - Deletion and Substitution - Pumpkin Patch - Click on the object that matches the new phoneme without the beginning letter sound. Excellent practice for students that have a hard time hearing individual phonemic parts!
  24. Phonic Fighter - Click on the picture that starts with the letter shown.
  25. Phonics Flashcards - Download these free flashcards to practice phonics.
  26. Phonics Coloring Sheets - Print these coloring sheets, each letter has a separate sheet. [This expired link is available through the Wayback Machine Internet Archive. If the page doesn't load quickly click on Impatient? at the bottom right of the page.]
  27. Phonics worksheets downloads Download these free worksheets to practice phonics.
  28. Poem Pack - Ten colorful poems with animation, audio and activities -. Read it, Hear it, search for sounds, and find words concentrating on vowel blends.
  29. Pounce on the Word that Matches the Sound - Students hear a word and click on the CVC word that matches the word that was said.
  30. Reading Genie - Excellent site for teachers; research-based instruction in learning to read.
  31. ReadingTarget - Many things to print to help students learn phonics and alphabet letters.
  32. Sound Fun - Match sound with the letter. Click on the letter that matches the sound that is said.
  33. Sounding Out Words - Download this Microsoft Word file and use these cards to practice sounding out works.
  34. Vowels and Consonants - worksheets
  35. Vowel Sound Drag - Drag a vowel sound to complete the word. Upper Primary Level spelling activity.
  36. Word Blender - Help Wordblender by choosing the start and end sounds for each word. This activity can be adjusted for three learning levels.
  37. Word Formation - Print these cards and let students cut out individual letters and create new words! [This expired link is available through the Wayback Machine Internet Archive. If the page doesn't load quickly click on Impatient? at the bottom right of the page.]
  38. Write a Postcard - Help Salty Sam with his vowels. In the first sentence, click on the focus phonemes. When you have got them all right, the next sentence appears but this time there are gaps in the words. Drag the vowel phoneme with the correct spelling into the gap in the word.


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