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Define Citizenship

Define citizenship and responsibility. 1.4.3 a

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  1. Citizenship - This unit is intended to be used with first grade students, to teach their roles and responsibilities as citizens of the United States (based on Indiana Standards).
  2. I am Responsible - This 1st grade unit focuses on being responsible for one's own actions and for obligations to others, particularly to the members of the classroom and school community.
  3. 5 Themes of Citizenship - Activities that help develop students' understanding of the 5 good citizenship themes (honesty, compassion, respect, responsibility, and courage).
  4. Teaching Citizenship to 1st Graders - Ideas on teaching first graders about the responsibilities of citizenship by incorporating them in daily classroom activities.
  5. What is a Good Citizen? - A unit on teaching good citizenship.
  6. Being a Responsible Citizen - A lesson plan to teach 1st graders what it means to be a responsible citizen..
  7. Good Citizenship - Activities for exploring the five themes of being a good citizen
  8. The Six Pillars of Character - Classroom and discussion activities.

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