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6th Grade - Equivalent Expressions


Illustrate properties of operations by showing that two expressions are equivalent in a given context (e.g., using an area model for distributive property, and grouping/set models for commutative and associative properties). 0606.1.5

Links verified on 4/2/2012

  1. Area Models for Multiplication and Division - an Annenberg lesson plan from their Learning Math series A lesson plan can be found at this site
  2. Associative Property - The associative property is a lot like the commutative property, except that it involves three or more numbers, not just two.
  3. Basic Number Properties: Associative, Commutative, and Distributive - explanation from Purple Math
  4. Commutative Property - addition and multiplication properties are explained using an animated image
  5. Commutativity - the ability to change the order of something without changing the end result [Wikipedia]
  6. Distributive Property - uses animated images to help explain the property
  7. Distributive Property - short animation that loops
  8. A PowerPoint show related to this standardDistributive Property - five slide PowerPoint show which uses animation very effectively
  9. Number Properties - from Online Math Learning
  10. A PowerPoint show related to this standardUse the distributive property to simplify numerical and variable expressions - an eleven slide PowerPoint show which use animation effectively to teach the concept
  11. A PowerPoint show related to this standardWhich Property - quiz in the form of a PowerPoint show This site includes questions for your students to check their understanding

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