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WebGuide - Planning Template

Lesson Title:

Driving question for study: Concept or objective of lesson. Why do the hottest and coldest times of the day happen when they do?

Internet Site Title:
The name of the web page that the students will be using. You can usually find this on the topmost part of the web pageTelecommunication Operation Center

Internet Site URL: The address of the site you are using found in the location bar.

Site Description: Give enough information that your students know what to expect when they follow the link given to them above. If you need to caution them about pop-up windows or banners, or direct them to a specific part of the web page, do it in this section. If they know what to look for when they follow the link it will cut down on questions you have to answer in class.

Site Purpose: Tell your students exactly why you have chosen this site and how it incorporates itself into the concept being studied. The better that they understand why they were directed to the site, the more effective your lesson will be.

Lesson Introduction: Set group size limits or establish roles at the start of this lesson. List here any classroom management details that will help this lesson run smoothly.

 Lesson Description: Give complete instructions to students regarding how the work is to be done. If an additional Internet site will be required for the completion of this lesson, include it in your instructions here.

Final Product or Task: Tell students what they will produce as a final product. If you expect them to use a specific application or tool spell that out for them. For example; "You will use an Excel spreadsheet to calculate the speed with which a line of thunderstorms moved across a given state. Your results and to be reported with a one-page Word document on which you have inserted an image from the Internet."

Conclusion: Associate this lesson with work that has gone before, or is to follow. Challenge your students to go further with this topic. If appropriate, list another Internet site.

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