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Dolch Sight Words

Introduction to Dolch Sight Word Activities for Pre-K and Kindergarten

What are Dolch Words?

Dolch words make up 60% to 85% of the words in young children's reading books and materials. A child who knows the Dolch words can recognize most of the words in the text they are reading which makes more fluent readers.

Most of these words do not fit into the phonetic rules that help children sound out words. Most cannot be represented by a picture.Being able to recognize these words gives students the confidence to read smoothly and comprehend what is being read.

How to Learn Dolch Words

The best way to learn new words is to read, read, read and read!! Read something to your child every single day of summer, whether it is a book, the comics in the paper, the sports section, or articles from the newspaper. Visit the library often. Libraries have special beginning reader books that contain only Dolch words, making it easy for children to pick out the words they recognize.

Use the daily activities to help you remember words that you learn each week. It is much easier to remember what the words mean if you do something with them and use them frequently in talking with your parents, family and friends.

Dolch Words Lists

  1. Lesson one
  2. Lesson two
  3. Lesson three
  4. Lesson four
  5. Lesson five
  6. Lesson six
  7. Lesson seven
  8. Lesson eight
  9. Lesson nine
  10. Lesson ten
  11. Lesson eleven
  12. Lesson twelve
  13. Lesson thirteen
  14. Lesson fourteen

Dolch Word Lists by Grade Level - PreK - 3rd

  1. EdHelper
  2. Professor Garfield
  3. Audio - Listen to the dolch words. - Click on links 5,6,7, or 8 to hear each word by grade level.

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