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Database Ideas
Microsoft Works 4.0 (Macintosh)

Uses of a database

Sorting the data - The data can be sorted alphabetically or numerically, and multiple sorts of the data are possible. The following example came from the database I used in my science classroom. To remind you what fields were available go see a copy of the data window of that database. When you have seen the fields, click on the Back button to return here.

Using mail merge - You have gotten the letter, perhaps you have even believed the letter. You know, the sweepstakes letter that promised "William Byles will be a winner in our next giveaway." No one at the office typed individual letters to each of the tens of thousands of people who got the letter. They typed one letter and the name field was filled into the letter from a large database. This technique can be used to generate a letter to parents or students, or a certificate to each person in a workshop.

With careful planning of the database and the word processor document you can produce a letter like the one that the sweepstakes office keeps sending.

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