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This Day in History: May 11

May 11: What Happened on This Day in History (Elementary Level)?

(Page last edited 10/12/2017)

  1. 1846 - President James K. Polk asked for and received a Declaration of War against Mexico, starting the Mexican-American War
  2. 1858 - Minnesota is admitted as the 32nd U.S. State.
  3. 1910 - An act of the U.S. Congress establishes Glacier National Park inMontana.
  4. 1987 - In Baltimore, Maryland, the first heart-lung transplant takes place. The surgery is performed by Dr. Bruce Reitz of the Stanford University School of Medicine.
  5. 1997 - Deep Blue, a chess-playing supercomputer, defeats Garry Kasparov in the last game of the rematch, becoming the first computer to beat a world-champion chess player in a classic match format.
  6. Famous Birthdays: Charles W. Fairbanks (American politician, 26th United States Vice President), Salvador Dalí (Spanish painter), Richard Feynman (American physicist, Nobel Prize laureate), Antony Hewish (English astronomer, Nobel Prize laureate), Robert Jarvik (American scientist, developed the Artificial heart)

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