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This Day in History: February 4

February 4: What Happened on This Day in History (Elementary Level)?

(Page last edited 10/12/2017)

  1. 1789 - George Washington is unanimously elected as the first President of the United States by the U.S. Electoral College.
  2. 1825 - The Ohio Legislature authorizes the construction of the Ohio and Erie Canal and the Miami and Erie Canal.
  3. 1859 - The Codex Sinaiticus is discovered in Egypt.
  4. 1936 - Radium becomes the first radioactive element to be made synthetically
  5. 1967 - Lunar Orbiter program: Lunar Orbiter 3 lifts off from Cape Canaveral's Launch Complex 13 on its mission to identify possible landing sites for the Surveyor and Apollo spacecraft.
  6. Famous Birthdays: Fernand Léger (French painter), Friedrich Hund (German physicist), Charles Lindbergh (American pilot and activist), Clyde Tombaugh (American astronomer, discovered Pluto), Rosa Parks (American activist)

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