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This Day in History: August 27

August 27: What Happened on This Day in History (Elementary Level)?

(Page last edited 10/12/2017)

  1. In 1667, the earliest recorded hurricane in the US occurred in Jamestown, Virginia.
  2. In 1859, the first successful oil well was drilled, near Titusville, Penn by Edwin Drake.
  3. In 1892, the NYC Metropolitan Opera House catches fire.
  4. In 1912, Edgar Rice Burroughs' publishes "Tarzan of the Apes."
  5. In 1948, 102 degrees F was the highest temperature ever recorded in Cleveland in August.
  6. Famous Birthdays: Anna of Brandenburg, Queen of Denmark (d. 1514), Katharine McCormick, American women's rights activist (d. 1967), Lyndon B Johnson, Stonewall Tx, (D) 36th Pres (1963-1969), Mother Teresa, [Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu], Yugoslavia (Nobel 1979), Cesar Millan, professional dog trainer

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