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Thanksgiving Resources


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General Resources |Poetry & Song | Crafts

General Thanksgiving Resources

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  1. - The First Thanksgiving - Learn how the Pilgrims reached America and lived to celebrate the first Thanksgiving; from Scholastic
  2. - Thanksgiving and Pilgrims - Resource with many links.
  3. - Can you find the Thanksgiving words in this interactive Seek-A-Word puzzle?
  4. - Talk like a Pilgrim!
  5. - While you are waiting for the turkey to finish roasting play a game of Spin-the-Turkey. Go here to download the game. (PC/Windows only, sorry Mac)
  6. - You are the Historian : Investigating the first Thanksgiving - If you are doing research on Thanksgiving in American history this archived page would be a good starting place.
  7. - Find out everything you want to know about the Mayflower and the Pilgrims who came to America on the ship.
  8. - Thanksgiving World - information on history, quotes, facts, recipes,songs, poetry, and gifts ideas
  9. - This history of Thanksgiving does not start with the Pilgrims.
  10. - CNN's Thanksgiving on the web is from 1996, but Thanksgiving is Thanksgiving.
  11. - Enchanted Learning has a great page stuffed full of Thanksgiving crafts.
  12. - Thanksgiving facts, poems and crafts.
  13. - Thanksgiving Activities from the Teacher's Corner
  14. - Find out all about Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade
  15. - More? Click on the turkey to get some other craft and food ideas.

Thanksgiving Poetry

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  1. - Bethany Roberts' Thanksgiving Fun for Kids: Thanksgiving Poems and Songs
  2. - More Thanksgiving Poems and Songs from Bethany Roberts
  3. - D. J. McAdam presents three Thanksgiving poems to commemorate the true meaning of the holiday.
  4. - Thanksgiving Poems and Songs from Alphabet Soup
  5. - Mrs. Marks's 2rd Grade class wrote Thanksgiving Poems for 2005 (a Young Poets site)
  6. - Thanksgiving poems at the Holiday Zone
  7. - Two Thanksgiving poems from the Teacher's Corner
  8. - A Thanksgiving Hymn and an After-Thanksgiving Poem

Thanksgiving Crafts

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  1. - Thanksgiving Crafts, Decorations, and Printouts from Enchanted Learning
  2. - Thanksgiving Crafts, Decorations and more from Pretty My Party.
  3. - Crafts for Kids - Thanksgiving Crafts
  4. - Thanksgiving puzzles, recipes, worksheets and more from DLTK's Crafts for Kids
  5. - Place cards for the Thanksgiving dinner table - three styles to choose from
  6. - Thanksgiving Crafts from BillyBear4Kids (ignore the flashing ad, you did not win)
  7. - A Feast of Thanksgiving Family Fun from About.com
  8. - Thanksgiving place mats for your Thanksgiving Table.
  9. - Table Top and Home Decorating Ideas and Crafts
  10. - Thanksgiving Quilt - Grade Level: K-2 - from the A to Z Teacher Stuff Network
  11. - 50 Free Thanksgiving Printable Decorations from around the web
  12. - Turkey Day Fun - Each feather on the turkey symbolizes something that you're thankful for
  13. - Thanksgiving dinner tastes even better when it's served on a cheery, personalized place mat.
  14. - Dozens of good crafts ideas from Preschool Education.
  15. - Thanksgiving Cards - Select from a wide variety of cards to send to friends.
  16. - Thanksgiving Crafts from Making Friends - Cool crafts for kewl kids.
  17. - Thanksgiving Crafts, Stickers, Mazes and more from Ziggity Zoom.



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