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Internet Sites related to MS Word

If you have a question about using Word in your classroom please send email to Internet4Classrooms. Our email addresses can be found below.

Links verified on 10/20/2016

  1. Better Excel and Word Solutions (for all Microsoft Office users) - This web site contains everything you need to know about Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word. The content is split into sections and each section contains the basic as well as the more advanced topics. Each page illustrates simple techniques which can be used to help you improve your skills and knowledge. Their stated hope is that their web site helps you to get the most from your Microsoft Office applications.
  2. Copy Paste Character - Copy characters as HTML code!
  3. Classroom Activities using MS Word - Activities that provide examples of how you can use Microsoft Word in the classroom - the activities can be adapted to fit a variety of classroom situations and topics. [from the Wayback Machine]
  4. Microsoft Word Tutorials - from Tests Tests Tests [16 as of 10/26/2016]
  5. Microsoft Word Tutorials - from Electric Teacher
  6. Microsoft Word Tutorials 2003.2002
  7. Microsoft Word 2007 Tutorials
  8. Introduction to Word - Office 2007 version [from the Wayback Machine] This is an Adobe Acrobat document
  9. More on Word Processing - Working with larger documents Office 2007 version. [from the Wayback Machine] This is an Adobe Acrobat document
  10. Office Drawing Tools - Office 2007 version, applicable to Excel and PowerPoint also. [from the Wayback Machine] This is an Adobe Acrobat document
  11. Word 2016 - help in producing and sharing Microsoft Word 2016 documents
  12. Word Training - from Microsoft


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