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Excel Workbook Files to Download


Excel Workbooks to Download

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  1. Branching Story: The Town Witch - This is the story of a young boy knocking on the door of a person everyone thinks is a witch. Several possible endings are available depending on which choices you make.
  2. Branching Story: Billy Bear - a more simple version of a branching story with multiple possible endings - Billy Bear's birthday
  3. Directions to Make a Shape - Four ten-by-ten grids are used to draw simple representations of shapes. Each page contains a data table so students can evaluate fraction or percent of the colors used to make the shape. A blank grid is provided for students to draw their own shape(s).
  4. Drop Down - This worksheet shows two examples of drop down lists. The second worksheet provides instructions on how to make a drop down list.
  5. Fostering Literacy Using Excel - This worksheets offers five activities to be used in a language arts classroom.
  6. Four Square Puzzle puzzle as a template - This workbook includes two crossword puzzles and complete instructions on how to make puzzles like them.
  7. How do I spend my time? - This workbook is a step by step activity which teaches how to write equations to fill data into a summary sheet.
  8. Jeopardy Template - This template could be modified to be used as a review activity; similar to PowerPoint Jeopardy games. See a web page about this template.
  9. Literary Style Review - This workbook is an example of using conditional formatting to make a quiz
  10. Mad-Libs with Excel - Use this workbook to have a little classroom fun and practice parts of speech at the same time.
  11. Nursery Rhyme Crossword Puzzle - Sheet one of this workbook is a Nursery Rhyme crossword puzzle. The other sheets explain how to create a crossword puzzle like this one by inserting comments and using conditional formatting
  12. Protecting Cell Contents - This workbook uses a battleship-type game format to demonstrate protecting cells. Sheet two of the workbook explains how the game was made.
  13. Review Bingo - This workbook was written by Robert Griffith, an Oak Ridge, TN teacher. Teachers enter short answers in 30 blocks and print 32 bingo cards (4 to a sheet on 8 sheets). Distribute the bingo cards to your class and begin the review. Thanks Robert! Caution: Because of the way that Excel handles dates, you must enclose any dates used in the bingo game in quotation marks! posted on 3/13/06
  14. Sign In Sheet - This sign in sheet was used at a Tennessee Educational Technology Conference (TETC) as the sign in for a session. Cells in the city column contain drop down boxes which list the names of cities in Tennessee. The other worksheets explain how to find and format data like the list that was used.
  15. Using a Macro to Clear Student Responses in a Quiz - This workbook has a quiz about the planets and a button to push to clear student answers. Other sheets in the workbook explain the process.

Interactive: Excel 2003 to Excel 2007 command reference guide

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