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Maine Geography

Maine Geography

Basic Facts

  • Geographical Region: Northeast
  • Size: 35387 sq.mi., 39th rank overall.
  • Admitted to Statehood: March 15, 1820
  • Population: 1,318,301;41st rank overall.
  • Capital: Augusta
  • Other Major City: Portland
  • Abbreviation: ME

Fun Facts

Geographical Description

  • The Coastal Lowlands cover most of southeastern Maine with sandy beaches, salt marshes, tidal creeks and small bays bordered by high cliffs.
  • The Eastern Upland rises from near sea level to an elevation of thousands of feet to the west of the Coastal Lowlands and contains a number of lakes, swift streams, and springs.
  • The northwest of Maine is known as the White Mountain Region. It contains many lakes and the highest peaks in Maine.
  • Over 80% of Maine is forested with great stands of white pine, hemlock, spruce, fir, and hardwoods
  • Maine contains 542,629 acres of state and national parks.

Map: Relief Map of ME


Manufacturing, paper, lumber, and wood products, electric equipment, fishing, food processing, leather products, textiles, tansportation equipment, tourism.


Seafood, poultry, eggs production, potatoes, dairy products, cattle, blueberries, hay, apples

Other Information

Fun Facts:

  • Considered the first place to receive the rays of the morning sun, Eastport is the most eastern city in the United States.
  • The only state in the United States whose name is one syllable is Maine.
  • Maine produces 90% of the country's toothpicks.
  • Descendants of Ice Age hunters are Maine's earliest inhabitants.
  • America's first chartered city was York in 1641.
  • 99% of all the blueberries produced in the United States come from Maine.
  • 90% of the nation's lobster supply is caught off the coast of Maine.

More Fun Facts: http://www.50states.com/facts/maine.htm



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