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Louisiana Geography

Louisiana Geography

Basic Facts

  • Geographical Region: South
  • Size: 51843 sq.mi., 31st rank overall.
  • Admitted to Statehood: April 30, 1812
  • Population: 4,492,076;25th rank overall.
  • Capital: Baton Rouge
  • Other Major City: New Orleans
  • Abbreviation: LA

Fun Facts

  • Nickname: Pelican State
  • State Flag: Click Here (opens window to 50states.com)
  • State Bird: Eastern Brown Pelican (opens window to 50states.com)
  • State Flower: Magnolia (opens window to 50states.com)

Geographical Description

  • Louisiana can be divided into three main geographic land areas East Gulf Coastal Plain, Mississippi Alluvial Plain and West Gulf Coastal Plain. The East Gulf Coastal Plain consists of marshland east of the Mississippi River, and then rises slightly to rolling hills north of Lake Pontchartrain. The Mississippi Alluvial Plain is located along the Mississippi River and is characterized by ridges and hollows. This area includes the huge Mississippi Delta area covering about one-quarter of the state. Finally, the West Gulf Coastal Plain includes the area west of the Alluvial Plain and includes the highest point in the state, Driskill Mountain, near Arkansas.
  • The lowest point in the state is in New Orleans and is 8 feet below sea level, the second lowest place in the United States next to Death Valley in California.

Map: Relief Map of LA


Chemical products, natural gas, petroleum and coal products, food processing, transportation equipment, lumber and paper products, tourism


Seafood, sweet potatoes, pecans, fur, cotton, soybeans, cattle, sugarcane, poultry and eggs, dairy products, rice

Other Information

Fun Facts:

  • The world famous "Mardi Gras" is celebrated in New Orleans.
  • Louisiana was named in honor of King Louis XIV.
  • In Louisiana, it is considered a simple assault if you bit someone with your natural teeth, but it's considered an aggravated assault if you bit someone with false teeth.
  • The world's largest steel-constructed room unobstructed by posts is the Superdome in New Orleans.
  • Jean Lafitte is a town that once harbored runaway pirates.
  • Louisiana is home of the tallest state capitol building in the United States at 450 feet tall.
  • Louisiana calls its subdivisions parishes. It is the only state in the union to do so.
  • Approximately 20 major Civil War battles and engagements were fought on Louisiana soil between April 17, 1862 and May 18, 1864

More Fun Facts: http://www.50states.com/facts/louis.htm



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