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Indiana Geography

Indiana Geography

Basic Facts

  • Geographical Region: Midwest
  • Size: 36420 sq.mi., 38th rank overall.
  • Admitted to Statehood: December 11,1816
  • Population: 6,423,113;16th rank overall.
  • Capital: Indianapolis
  • Other Major City: Fort Wayne
  • Abbreviation: IN

Fun Facts

  • Nickname: Hoosier State
  • State Flag: Click Here (opens window to 50states.com)
  • State Bird: Cardinal (opens window to 50states.com)
  • State Flower: Peony (opens window to 50states.com)

Geographical Description

  • The Great Lake Plains make up the north part of the state. Here you will find fertile lowlands, small lakes, moraines, and large sand dunes along the Lake Michigan shore line.
  • The Till Plains, which are part of the Midwestern Corn Belt, are found in the central portion of the state. Fertile farmlands, rolling hills and shallow valleys make up the Till Plains. The Highest point 1,257 feet above sea level is located here.
  • The Southern Hills and Lowlands characterized by knolls and ridges, gorges and valleys make up the south. Extensive limestone caves, such as the Wyandotte Cave are found here. Bordering the southern edge of this region is the Ohio River.

Map: Relief Map of IN


Steel, iron, electric equipment, transportation equipment, chemicals, food products, petroleum and coal products, machinery.


Corn, wheat, soybeans, hay, hogs, cattle, dairy products, eggs.

Other Information

Fun Facts:

  • Today, 17% of Indiana is covered with forest compared to 80% before the pioneers arrived.
  • During the great Depression of the 1930's in southern Indiana unemployment was as high as 50%.
  • Explorers Lewis and Clark set out from Fort Vincennes on their exploration of the Northwest Territory.
  • Indiana has more miles of Interstate Highway per square mile than any other state, sticking to its motto, "Cross Roads of America".
  • Indiana is home to the richest deposits of top-quality limestone found anywhere on earth. New York City's Empire State Building, Rockefeller Center, the Pentagon, the U.S. Treasury, a dozen other government buildings in Washington D.C. as well as 14 state capitols are built from it.

More Fun Facts: http://www.50states.com/facts/indiana.htm



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