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2nd Grade Language Arts Skill Builders


Sentence Structure - CCSS L.2.1.f

Links verified on 12/28/15

  1. Build a Sentence - Drag scrambled words to create a sentence.
  2. Can You Make Sense of a Sentence? - Drag the words into the correct sentence order.
  3. Describing Actions - Click on the pictures to make a sentence.
  4. Logging Sentences - Link logs together to make sentences.
  5. Is this a Sentence? - Click yes or no to identify the sentences.
  6. Parts of a Sentence - Select naming part or telling part. (subject/predicate)
  7. Penguins on Ice - Choose from 3 games: making sentences, picking the appropriate punctuation for a sentence or filling in the correct word to complete a sentence.
  8. Sentences - Which word makes this word group a complete sentence?

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