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SAT/ACT Daily Vocabulary List for September 15

SAT/ACT Daily Vocabulary List for September 15

Here is today's word list:

  • anatomy (n.): That branch of morphology which treats of the structure of organisms.
  • Britannia (n.): The United Kingdom of Great Britain.;
  • control (v.): To exercise a directing, restraining, or governing influence over.
  • dishonest (adj.): Untrustworthy.
  • exhaustive (adj.): Thorough and complete in execution.;
  • habitude (n.): Customary relation or association.;
  • innumerable (adj.): Countless.
  • lunatic (n.): An insane person.;
  • nowadays (adv.): In the present time or age.
  • pervade (v.): To pass or spread through every part.
  • qualify (v.): To endow or furnish with requisite ability, character, knowledge, skill, or possessions.
  • seduce (v.): To entice to surrender chastity.
  • thermoelectric (adj.): Denoting electricity produced by heat.
  • writhe (v.): To twist the body, face, or limbs or as in pain or distress.

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Test your mastery of these words by taking a short multiple choice quiz: Take The Quiz

How To Master These Words

  1. Create or buy a notebook. It can be named SAT/ACT Vocabulary Notebook or you can create your own name. You will be keeping your weekly words, definitions and assignments in this notebook.
    Write the words and definitions in your vocabulary notebook.
    Create your own sentence using each word and write this in your vocabulary notebook.
  2. Make Flashcards - Write the word on one side of an index card and put the definition and a sentence on the opposite side. You can find ideas for making flashcards on the Internet by clicking on the link: Resources showing how to create your own flashcards.
  3. Online Flashcard Game: Click on Word Dynamo and sign up. After signing up click on "Make a new Word List" and type in your words and definitions. After you save the list, you will go to your home page. Click on the link on the left that says lists you?ve made and practice the lists that you have created. Click on Flashcards to practice. Site will state the word along with showing you the word in text and you pick the definition.
  4. Use this dictionary link to check the pronunciation of each word. Type each word in the box at the top of the page, then click on Submit. You will hear the word pronounced.
  5. Create your own crossword puzzle. Click on this link and scroll all the way to the bottom and you'll see the words "Build a FREE Crossword Puzzle!." Enter your words and your clues (definition), then click "Create Crossword Now." A new web page will appear. You can put a title on your puzzle if you wish, then click "Create Crossword." Print this out and complete the puzzle. Insert the completed work in your vocabulary notebook.
  6. Click on the LearnClick link. Create a Quiz. Fill in the information If you want to save your quizzes register for a log in. Click on Show Quiz.



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