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Optimizing the Recycle Bin

Your Recycle Bin stores the files you have deleted. This Bin is set to normally store up to 10% of your hard drive space. If you have a hard drive of 10 Gigabytes, your Recycle Bin is occupying 1 Gigabyte of room on your hard drive!
To optimize your Recycle Bin, follow the steps below.

Step 1.

Right Click your Recycle Bin on your Desktop and select Properties

Step 2.

On the Global Tab, if you have many drives on your computer, such as C:, D:, E:, you will see each drive listed separately under their perspective tabs. Select Configure drives independently.

If your machine just has a C: drive and your CD-Rom as D: , then you can leave the button set on Use one setting for all drives.

Step 3.

In the middle of that dialog box under the Global Tab, there is a sliding bar. Slide the sliding bar to the left until the percentage under it says 3%.

Click apply. If you only have C:\ drive then you will not need to do Step 4.

Step 4.

If you have other drives, such as D:, E: or F:, then click on each tab and slide the rule all the way to where it says 0%. This sets your recycle bin to store files only on the C:\ drive and not on the other drives. Select Apply and do all the drives.

Click OK when you have finished all drives.

This will optimize your Recycle Bin and save space on your hard drive.

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Contributed to the Coordinator's Workroom by Susan Brooks

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