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Tip for Odd Behavior of any kind when the system is not frozen:
Quit whatever you are doing and Restart the computer. Often this will clear the glitch.

Netscape was unable to create a network socket connection

When I tried to open MS Word I received the message "Application busy or missing". I know it is there. What do I do?

When my computer starts, I get the message that there is not enough memory.

I can't get the TV to have the same picture as the computer.

The TV is black and white while on computer feed, and the cable connection is plugged in all the way (replugged twice).

When I try to start my computer it starts with a Sad Mac.

My diskette won't eject.

Computer will not let me throw a file away.

My computer keeps asking for the diskette or CD ROM that I was using last. When I put that disk in, it asks for a different one.

A network error occurred while Netscape was receiving data.

My mouse will not function

System starts with the wrong music.

Can not send data to the printer. The printer does not respond to the computer.

System starts with a question mark.

My applications unexpectedly Quit.

The computer just keeps locking up for no apparent reason.

When I turned on my computer the date displayed is sometime in the 1950's.

The computer will not come on at all.

Teacher reports that files he saves to diskette are corrupted., and he suspects the floppy port. When you arrive at the room to check out the floppy port, you find a stack of diskettes on top of the monitor.

Teacher complains of no Internet access. Other messages start coming in about Internet not working. You check the Internet connection in the library that feeds the ISDN line and it's perfectly OK. You go to rooms in another hallway and their machines work.

Tip for Odd Behavior of any kind when the system is not frozen:

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