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Photos and Images


Links verified 9/18/2015

  1. Agricultural Image Gallery - a complimentary source of high quality digital photographs from the Agricultural Research Service
  2. American Memory Collection
  3. Antarctic Photo Library - from the National Science Foundation
  4. Agouti to Zebras - from the Oregon Zoo
  5. Archive of animal photos - from National Geographic
  6. Astronomy Image Gallery - from Astronomy.net
  7. Astronomy Picture of the Day - image archive from 6/16/95 to today
  8. Aurora Pictures - indexed by aurora seasons from 2000 to 2008
  9. BurningWell - a repository for public domain images which are free for any use
  10. Courthouses in Tennessee - indexed by section of the state
  11. Digital Librarian - huge list of links to photo sources
  12. Digital Library for Earth System Education - select resource type and begin finding some great earth science images
  13. Earth & Space Images - Data Sets, Images, Movies, and Pictures
  14. Earth Observatory - data and images
  15. Earthguide Resources - image and movie resources
  16. Earthshots - Satellite images from the USGS illustrating environmental change
  17. Educational Pictures - many topics to select from (this site has a mixture of photos and drawings)
  18. Environmental Education Station - public domain photo library
  19. European Space Agency (ESA) Multimedia Gallery - images, videos, animations and goodies
  20. FEMA - photo library
  21. FreeFoto.com - one of the largest collections of free photographs for noncommercial use on the Internet.
  22. FreeImages.com is an interesting UK site
  23. Free Stock Photos - free images that are also royalty free
  24. Free Teacher & Student Image Resources + More - Teacher and student approved -- download free photographs in multiple categories.� Great for slide shows, lesson plans, assignments and projects and adding images to your lesson plans
  25. Gallery of the Open Frontier (University of Nebraska) - digital image library of photos, paintings, and drawings that pertain to the history of the American West
  26. Great Lakes image collection - from the Environmental Protection Agency
  27. Hawaiian Photo Gallery of Volcanoes
  28. Historic Light Stations (U.S. Coast Guard) - every light station on file with the Coast Guard Historian's office
  29. Hubble Space Telescope Photo Gallery
  30. John Fitzgerald Kennedy - four part photo history
  31. Junglewalk - Animal videos, sounds and images. This resource includes voice instructions for students
  32. Landform Picture Gallery - from the About network (beware: lots of pop-ups)
  33. Library of Congress: Prints and Photographs Reading Room - selected sets of images on frequently requested topics, focusing on images for which there are no known restrictions
  34. NASA Images
    1. NASA Dryden Research Aircraft Image Collection
    2. NASA Video Gallery
    3. Planetary Photojournal
  35. National Biological Information Infrastructure: Digital Library - Click a category tab to browse image collections or click search button to search their whole library
  36. National Geographic - photo gallery index
  37. National Park Service - digital image archive
    1. National Park Service - historic photograph collection
  38. National Science Foundation - image gallery (multimedia gallery)
  39. National Severe Storms Laboratory Photo Album - Categories; Tornadoes, Weather Instruments, Sky Scenes, Lightning, and Hail
  40. National Space Science Data Center - photo gallery
  41. New York Public Library - online picture collection
  42. NOAA Environmental Visualization Program - large archive of satellite images including storm events by year
  43. NOAA Photo Library - Historic NWS Catalog of Images - Photo Library home page
  44. Online Biology Book - every chapter is filled with great illustrations
  45. Our Earth as Art - satellite images by continent
  46. PD Photo - free, public domain photos
  47. Perry-Castaeda Library - a selection of portraits of historical figures from the University of Texas at Austin - The images in this collection are in the public domain. You do not need to ask for permission to use these images
  48. Pictures to use in PowerPoint Projects - links to subject related pictures to use in PowerPoint shows
  49. Pics4Learning - a categorized list of photos found in the Pics4Learning photographic library collection.
  50. Picture Galleries: from the About network
    1. Fossils
    2. Glaciers and Ice
    3. Landforms
    4. Minerals
    5. Rocks
    6. Geologic Features and Processes
    7. Geology and Society
    8. Free Geologic Wallpaper Pictures
  51. Photo Gallery of the National Space Science Data Center
  52. Photojournal - space related pictures from NASA's JPL
  53. Plants of Hawaii - A collection of 6000+ copyright-free high-resolution images
  54. Presidential Portraits
  55. Public Domain Images - top quality high resolution public domain images, royalty free stock photos, not copyrighted, no rights reserved, explicitly placed in the public domain
  56. Scientific Visualization Studio from NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center. This is their image wall page.
  57. Selected Civil War Photographs
  58. Solar System Image Archive - from Windows to the Universe
  59. 10 x 10 - One hundred words and pictures that define the time. This site is updated hourly with pictures from news sources around the world. The pictures provide links to the news sources related to them. Duplicate images are from the same wire service, but may be related to a different news story. This site has a history archive which goes back to 3:00 AM on November 4, 2004. Pictures at this site are in Flash and can not be copied, but photos associated with the news stories can be copied.
  60. Training Reference has a set of royalty free pictures and photos for use in training materials, presentations and web sites. [This expired link is available through the Wayback Machine Internet Archive. If the page doesn't load quickly click on Impatient? at the bottom right of the page.]
  61. United States Mint - image library
  62. U.S. Department of Energy - image gallery
  63. U. S. Department of State - photo gallery
  64. U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service's online digital media library - public domain still photos
  65. U S Troops in Action - selected battle photos, 1942-1945
  66. Visible Earth - a catalog of NASA images and animations of our home planet
  67. Welcome to the Planets - This is a collection of many of the best images from NASA's planetary exploration program.
  68. Wikipedia Picture of the Day Archive - from May 2004 to the current month
  69. Wunder Photos - great weather and outdoor photos posted at Weather Underground



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