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Lesson Plans: Elementary and Middle School Arts

Elementary and Middle School Lesson Plans: Arts

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Click here for more Arts Resources from our Elementary/Middle School Subject Area.

  1. A. Pintura - Art Detective - an online game about art history and art composition.
  2. ArtsEdge From the Kennedy Center - helps educators to teach in, through and about the Arts.
  3. Art History Resources on the Web -From prehistoric to 20th century, there are also links to non-European art and museums
  4. Artful Installations: 3D Constructions - 8th grade major art talent class, but it is easily adaptable to all age groups: students use problem-solving skills, communication, and a diversity of tasks to create a three-dimensional version of a two-dimensional painting.
  5. Blick Art Materials Lesson Plans - Search by grade level or by discipline.
  6. China CultureQuest - Lesson plan - learn about Chinese brush painting, calligraphy, and names then practice using the brush with tempera paint, as students draw and write Chinese words they find in their online research.
  7. Compare and Contrast - Select two works of art from a list of 26. Then click the "Begin Essay" button in the selection box that displays your selections to write your own short essay comparing the works of art. This is a display from the Minneapolis Institute of Arts.
  8. Drawing In One-Point Perspective - Step-by-step instructions for basic one-point
  9. How to Draw Tutorials
    1. How to Draw a Dog - Progressing from circles to the dog drawing
    2. How to Draw Faces - Basic methods to draw general anime faces.
    3. How to Draw a Hamster - Progressing from circles to the hamster drawing.
    4. How to Draw a Jumping Man - Progressing from circles to the jumping man drawing.
    5. How to Draw a Stretching Woman - Progressing from circles to the stretching woman drawing.
    6. How to Draw It - How to make stylized cartoon type drawings of lots of animals.
    7. How to Draw (for Kids) - These step-by-step drawing exercises are designed for children. This site is interactive and allows students to play a game or input or collect data
  10. Inside Art - An adventure in art history by Educational Web Adventures.
  11. Leonardo - Exploring Leonardo; his perspectives, his shorthand and more.
  12. Light Walk - A "light hearted" look at light, shadow, and images. Also, read how to make your own pinhole camera.
  13. Make a Town - A learning project to create a model town using free software (PC/Windows only)
  14. Perspective - A lesson in learning how to use perspective in your drawings and paintings to create the illusion of depth.
  15. Visual Art Lesson Plans - From Teachnology.



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