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Interactive Sites for Elementary

Individual Interactive Sites

Links verified on 1/1/2016

  1. 2-D and 3-D Shapes - This animation shows how 2-D shapes become the basis for 3-D shapes.
  2. ArithmAttack - see how many facts you can correctly answer in 60 seconds! [add, subtract, multiply, divide, or select random]
  3. Bar Grapher - Students input data and then create their own bar graph at this interactive site.
  4. Calculator Chaos - Poor Justin! He broke his calculator just before a big test. Can you help Justin make the target number using only the buttons that are left on his calculator? There are four levels of difficulty in this game. You'll have to be very clever to solve this number puzzle.
  5. Coin Flipping page - flip up to 100 coins and see the total number of heads and tails.
  6. Count the Goodies - This multiplication activity from Harcourt School's Mighty Math Calculating Crew asks you to multiply using regrouping. Three problems at a time are presented.
  7. Create a Graph - Sometimes, complicated information is difficult to understand and needs an illustration. At this National Center for Education Statistics site you will find four different graphs and charts for you to consider.
  8. Data Picking - Students collect data, enter tally marks or numbers and then select which graph is appropriate.
  9. Flowering Fractions - online game
  10. Fresh Baked Fractions - Equivalent fractions. Funbrain will show you four fractions. Click on the fraction not equal to the others.
  11. Fruit Picker - Turn the fruit picking machine to pick all of the fruit and fill the basket; easy level involves turns of 30 or 45 degrees, harder requires turns of 30, 45, 60, or 90 degrees.
  12. Interactive Number Line - click to place two numbers on a number line and compare them in a whole class activity || Instruction and examples related to the interactive number line
  13. Lemonade Stand - This is the web version of that classic game, with a few differences. For one, you have the option to advertise to try to attract more customers to your stand. You also have $.75 per day rent, which means every day you're not selling, you're losing money - just like real life.
  14. Math Cats Balance - You can choose from a wide range of objects to place on this scale - from electrons to galaxies!
  15. Math Lingo - A bingo math game with audio. Goes from K skills up to 1st grade
  16. Math Millionaire Game - Questions cover a variety of topics including fractions, geometry, decimals, percentages, averages, and more. There are both word problems and computation problems.
  17. Multiplication Applet - Click on one number from the left column and one from the upper row. Then click on the equal sign in the upper right corner and see what happens. This tool is for multiplying numbers from 1x1 to 10x10. Another Version of the Same Applet
  18. Train Race - This interactive site is designed to help you under stand mean, median, and range.



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